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Frequently Asked Questions 


What if I need to cancel my appointment?


What is a free 15 minute consultation?


I feel worried about starting sessions!


How many sessions will I need?

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How do I contact my therapist between appointments?

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Cost of therapy: 

  • Therapy for individuals  £65 per hour

  • Coaching for individuals  £65 per hour

  • Therapy for couples  £120 per hour

  • Under 16 Counselling £50 (50 mins) 

  • Concessions available from £50 (unemployed and students - proof of status required).

Any pre-agreed longer or shorter sessions are charged on a pro-rata basis

What is a free consultation call? badge
What is a free 15 minute consultation?

Your free consultation is an opportunity for us to have a brief telephone chat about your current situation, for you to ask any questions you may have and find out more about how we can help you. It is also an opportunity for us both to determine whether therapy is appropriate for you. In some cases, we may agree that therapy is not the most suitable treatments for you. We will discuss the reasons why and we will try and suggest other services or treatments that may be more suitable.

The consultation is also a chance for you to see whether we are the right therapists for you. 

How many sessions will I need? Badge
How many sessions will I need?

Using the most up-to-date psychotherapeutic understanding and techniques, we will always strive to help you move forward with your life as swiftly and effectively as possible – but at a pace suited to your practical and therapeutic needs. There is no commitment to a lengthy and expensive  ‘course’ of treatment, and you will decide with your therapist at the end of each individual session whether you need to book another.

We aim to help and support our clients in overcoming any issues, and in meeting their needs, in as few consultations as possible.  We do not charge in advance for a set number of consultations, or a course of treatment.


If a client is not progressing we will endeavour to find an alternative and more suitable therapist and/or therapeutic approach.

What is your cancellation policy? Badge
What if I need to cancel my appointment?

The therapeutic process works best as a regular commitment. However we do understand that life happens and you might need to re-arrange a session. 

If you cancel a session in advance, we can re-arrange this, however short-term cancellations (i.e. less than 48 hours before your appointment time) will be charged at the full session rate (£65). Where an appointment is arranged and agreed, and a client does not attend that appointment, the consultation fee will be payable in full, together with the administration fee of £15. The reason for this is appointments cannot be rebooked at such short notice.


We cannot book a new appointment in until the missed appointment has been paid for.

By keeping cancellations to a minimum therapy outcomes are improved. 

Worried about starting therapy? Badge
I feel worried about starting sessions!

People are often apprehensive about therapy as they feel it may be a very painful and lengthy process, where they are encouraged to talk repeatedly about difficult feelings or events – or even to dig up memories that they would prefer not to have to revisit. We don’t work that way because the latest research shows that this is not the best way to help people move forward. 


What we will do is help you to use your resources and skill sets to gain confidence in moving forward; if troubled by trauma we will help you to leave distressing events behind, where they belong, in the past.  During our work together you will also learn how to use different tools and techniques that give you back control over strong emotional responses and that allow you to think clearly and make good decisions regarding the shape of your future – tools that you will then also have to maintain your emotional health proactively once we have finished work together. 

How do I contact my therapist? Badge
How do I contact my therapist between appointments?

It is possible to contact us between sessions however please be aware that we are not able to respond immediately:


Mobile: 07395 794 730

Please also be aware, we are not a crisis service so if you find yourself really struggling to cope, the best support for you at this time would be the Samaritans on 116 123, you can call NHS 111, call your GP, or attend your local A&E department. 

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